March 18th, 2008
The SL Capital Exchange has approved out application to IPO
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March 21st, 2008
Nestler Investments Corporation (NIC) to launch IPO. Get your shares, only 1L each.
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Land, Stock and Stores.....all working for you
Diversification, experience and a strong management team.

As an Investor, I am principally a VALUE BUYER - I look for undervalued Stocks and SL Properties and put my money where my mouth is. As many of you have witnessed, I actively engage the management Teams of Companies I invest in so that I can better understand their strategies (and perhaps offer some insight and direction where appropriate).

I believe if someone is going to have strong public opinions about a company's performance and strategies then one must also be prepared to roll up their sleeves and offer to HELP. Vocal dissent without solutions and resource is honestly just idle discontent. I suspect most potential investors here are aware of my efforts in that regard.

From a Property Management standpoint I generally shop for distressed, neglected and otherwise under-performing properties. My goal is typically to redevelop the property consistent with the neighboring community, install my proven Estate Management Team, and re-market the property to a better class of SL Residents.

I have conspicuously elected to pursue both Estate and Mainland properties, with both Residential, Retail and a Corporate Commercial blend on most of my properties. It is precisely this diversity that will allow us to prosper!

I am an aggressive Estate Manager and do not allow my properties to languish. Talk to my team - I think you'll be impressed and approving of our game plan! I will formally introduce and make my team available for discussion at our IPO Launch Event and any time thereafter. Please feel free to give us a shout!

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